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Photo guidelines

Best practices for UI Events Calendar photos

Horizontal whenever possible: We recommend using photos that are roughly 3:2 in ratio (width:height).

How wide? How much resolution?: If your image can be roughly 1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall, great! At the very least, we’d ask that your primary image by at least 600 pixels wide. In terms of resolution, web-quality is typically 72 dpi.

File names: It never hurts to start your file name with the date of its corresponding event. So, for something on Sept. 28, 2018, I would recommend something like “20180928_ccom_conference_workshop.jpg”. I would recommend not having spaces in your file names as a general rule—underscores or hyphens in place of spaces.

Posters as photos: Not the greatest use of your image real estate. It’s not prohibited, but it’s not encouraged.

Remember copyright and ownership and what not. Event promotion often provides more opportunity for using an image, but all the same, we don’t encourage simply lifting photos from the internet. Whenever possible, use sanctioned promo photos (for an author or artist, let’s say) or original photography or take a look around our Photoshelter site at to see if there’s anything that fits the bill.

If you notice any bugs related to photos, check out our feedback page,, see if it’s on our list of improvements, and contact if it’s not there.