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Individual Event

The events API returns data for events.

Endpoint URL{event_id}.json


id   Unique place identifier
name   Name of the place
updated_at   Updated date and time
created_at   Create date and time
url   Website for event
urlname   Unique slug for URL
first_date   Date of first instance of event
last_date   Date of final instance of event
room_number   Room number for the event
location_name   Name of predefined location for event
venue_url   Website for predefined location
address   Street address
geo   Collection of geo information with the following attributes:
  latitude Latitude of place
  longitude Longitude of place
  street Street part of address
  city City part of address
  state State part of address
  country Country part of address
  zip Zip code part of address
description_text   Description with no HTML included
description   Description with HTML
media   Array of images for event with the following attributes for each image
  original_image Path to the original uploaded image
  thumbnail_image Path to 100x100 version of image
  alt_text Alt text for image
  title_text Title text for image
  original_width Width of the original image
  original_height Height of the original image
contact_name   Name of event contact
contact_phone   Phone number of event contact
contact_email   Email address of event contact
filters   Collection of all filters for the event
canceled   Boolean for if the event is canceled
event_instances   Collection of all event instances, which have the following attributes
  start Start date and time for the instance
  end End date and time for the instance
  all_day Boolean for if the instance is an all day event