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Events Feedback/Bugs

This page will list feedback the campus community has provided about both the back end ( and front end ( for the new events calendar. Feel free to send other feedback along to

Note: If something is on this list, it does not mean it will for sure get implemented. As the system does get updated, this page will get information about what new features have been put in place. If something is chosen not to be implemented, this page will also be updated with that information as well as why it is not being implemented.

Front End

  • Search function
  • Add New Event link
  • Express interest in attending event
  • Notifications about events you are interested in attending
  • Dark Mode
  • Linking to events/event instances
  • Favicon
  • Footer
  • Better error/404 pages
  • Better meta data
    • Robots.txt
    • Sitemap.xml
    • for Events
  • Filter hierarchy
  • Improved location display on listings, including room number and address if there is not a named place
  • Grouping events by day on listing views
  • Adding Google Analytics code
  • HTML rendering for descriptions
  • Force HTTPS for
  • Responsive design
  • Image alt & title text
  • Map on event page
  • iCal subscriptions for events/filters
  • ics files with full event descriptions, virtual link/location information


Back End/Data

  • Facebook Event Link
  • Improving visual hierarchy of event entry
  • Adding sorting for dashboard displays
  • Including a page of all units and their event admins
  • Adding real names for users, not just HawkIDs.
  • Keywords - case insensitive, field help text explaining their use (not SEO).
  • Reverse lookup of event admins to see what units a HawkId is tied to.
  • Photo/Image credits