Content Hub

Content Hub is going to be a repository of both events and article content to be populated and used by the University of Iowa campus community.


7/27/2018 — Better late than never? Some guidelines for selecting and editing photos for your entries have been posted here.

6/13/2018 - The new events front end launched at We also started a page to collect feedback and bugs for events, both on the back end and front end.

6/6/2018 - Added two new displays for APIs. The first is a display_id of threemonths for event listings. This works the same way as the week, month and year displays. The second is a display_id of keywords for the filter listing. Because the list of keywords has the potential to grow large, it has been built into a unique display from the other filters.

6/4/2018 - We added a new scope option called Private. This will be used to add events into the system that you do not want to be displayed on but you do want them shown other places, such as departmental web sites.

Phase 1: Events

This website is a repository for event content for the University of Iowa. This will be the data store for events that will be displayed on after the previous system is retired. The retirement date is planned for June 13, 2018. As of that date, all events shown on will be pulled from this website. If you have an event to promote after June 13, please make sure it has been added to this site by logging in and creating the event.

Event admins

If you are an event admin for a unit (in other words, someone who will approve items appearing on your unit's calendar filter), please log in to the system, then contact and identify the units for which you will approve events.

Broader goal of Content Hub

Campus partners don't like having to update information in more than one spot; they also like to know what their peers are doing on campus. This site will house UI Events Calendar entries and, eventually, news articles and feature content, starting first with content from the Office of Strategic Communication. We plan to expand access after incorporating OSC properties. 

This project is a joint effort by the Office of Strategic Communication and Information Technology Services. If you have questions, please contact: